Polo - Gesmay's Zeus gift from Heaven

Colour'd Roose's Michida Jack

Sir:  DAWIN YOU BETCHA - S55872, 2003 - Canadian Champion, USA Champion, Swedish Champion, Finish Champion and Danish Champion

Dam: KATEISHA LOVE IN A MIST S53135, 2000 - Swedish Champion and Danish Champion
Sir: SOL-ENENS JADE MICHELANGELO - S13346, 2000 - Swedish Champion

Dam: SOL-ENENS JADE ROSA BENNOZZI - S20263, 1997 - Swedish Champion

1HP+BIR puppy, Bosjökloster 11-06-2005, Judge: Stefan Harde - Beautiful head with wonderful expression, correct bite, well pigmented nose, darl lively eyes, well-set ears, good length of neck, super angels in front, good breastcage for his age. Good angulation behind, beautiful well-groomed coat, happy and lively, well angeled and set tail, beautiful representative for his breed, beautiful winning movement.

1HP+BIR+Second in group,
Skurups Puppyshow 28-08-2005, Judge:Jens-Erik Janson
1HP+BIR+Best in group
, Skanör-Falsterbo 27-04-3007, Judge: Agneta Cardell
1HP+BIR, Bosjökloster 07-06-2008, Judge: Kerstin Nilsson - Long noble head, lovely dark nose pigmentation, lovely pigmentation on the back part, good tail-set, wonderful bonestructure, fine toes, good under-line with graceful movement.

BIR - Best in Breed
HP - Honours prize
1HP, Malmø international show 17-10-2004, Judge: Mikkel Nillson - Masculine male with wonderful temperament and energy, elegant head, little thin at the end of the nose, wonderful action in front, wonderful back and body, tail a little straight in the back position, moving well with long strides, lovely attitude.

1HP, BIR, Bosjökloster 07-06-2008, Judge: Kerstin Nilsson - Incredibly good quality and a fantastically fine colour for a 4 year old male - very black, good head. good underjaw, correct bite, lovely eyes, good neck, super angels in front, solid bodied, good angulation, muscular backpart, well-set tail, moves beautifully in front and good topline